China Southern Power Grid's Largest All-Intelligent Device Detection Center Put into Operation

信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2020-08-26

Dongguan - The Dongguan Power Supply Bureau Device Detection Center, an exciting new technical platform originated by China Southern Power Grid, was put into operation in late July.
It is CSG's largest, all-intelligent device detection center and the first attempt at prefecture level to apply the integrated primary and secondary equipment detection technology to the ring main units (RMUs) of automated distribution network.
Just the press of the button is needed to start the automatically guided vehicle. The system pulls the ordered device(s) from the warehouse, according to the designed procedures, and passes the automatic RMUs to the designated detecting stations, finishing all detection in one time, without manual line changing.
Moreover, it provides a real-time testing report and automatically uploads the report to the integrative detection and storage platform, a real "report-in-one-press" detection.
As early as Year 2013, the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau established the first working mechanism for the detection of distribution network devices at the prefecture level to strengthen its management operation on the quality of devices admitted to the power network. However, the detection ability remained a technical challenge that called for an independent and highly automated detection center that boasts integrated services.
The detection center is composed of a detection hall and a main control building, spanning an area of more than 1,700 square meters … the size of four basketball courts. The detection center has been divided into 13 electrical testing spots, one insulator testing laboratory and one cable material testing laboratory.
The center tests 15 types of electrical materials and 10 types of other materials, including distribution transformers, switches, instrument transformers, surge arresters, and cables. It can do more than 100 testing items, meeting the needs of sampling inspections and industrial requirement.
Additionally, the testing center innovated the testing modes and methods by applying informationized, standardized technologies. It is equipped with the technical and experiment capability for simulating experiment scenarios and analyzing design fault.
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